Liquefaction Ejecta Case Histories for 2010-11 Canterbury Earthquakes: Appendix Files

Appendix A.1_Shirley Intermediate School.pdf
Appendix A.2_Rydal Reserve.pdf
Appendix A.3_Rawhiti Domain.pdf
Appendix A.4_Caulfield Avenue.pdf
Appendix A.5_70 Langdons Road.pdf
Appendix A.6_Vivian Street.pdf
Appendix A.7_50 Eureka Street.pdf
Appendix A.8_Parnwell Street and Bassett Street.pdf
Appendix A.9_Vangelis Lane and Fernbrook Place.pdf
Appendix A.10_Pinewood Avenue.pdf
Appendix A.11_Carisbrooke Playground.pdf
Appendix A.12_Avondale Playground.pdf
Appendix A.13_Bower Avenue.pdf
Appendix A.14_Wattle Drive.pdf
Appendix A.15_Warrington Street.pdf
Appendix A.16_Hunt Lane.pdf
Appendix A.17_Sandown Crescent.pdf
Appendix A.18_Travis Country Drive.pdf
Appendix A.19_Aldershot Street.pdf
Appendix A.20_1.19 Chardale Street.pdf
Appendix A.21_15b Royds Place.pdf
Appendix A.22_31 Landy Street.pdf
Appendix A.23_Normans Road - Papanui Road.pdf
Appendix A.24_St. Teresa's School.pdf
Appendix A.25_Kaiwara Reserve.pdf
Appendix A.26_Ti Rakau Reserve.pdf
Appendix A.27_Avondale Park.pdf
Appendix A.28_Sabina Playground.pdf
Appendix A.29_Barrington Park.pdf
Appendix A.30_Shortland Street.pdf
Appendix A.31_Mark Treffers Drive.pdf
Appendix A.32_Shirley Primary School.pdf
Appendix A.33_Cashmere High School.pdf
Appendix A.34_Dunarnan Street.pdf
Appendix A.35_Baker Street.pdf
Appendix A.36_ Randolph Street.pdf
Appendix A.37_Woodham Road.pdf
Appendix A.38_Rudds Road.pdf
Appendix A.39_Palmers Road.pdf
Appendix A.40_Willryan Avenue.pdf
Appendix A.41_Bideford Place.pdf
Appendix A.42_Wharenui School.pdf
Appendix A.43_Heaton Normal Intermediate School.pdf
Appendix A.44_Hillmorton High School.pdf
Appendix A.45_St. Albans Catholic School.pdf
Appendix A.46_113 A Palmers Road.pdf
Appendix A.47_Hurst Place.pdf
Appendix A.48_Shirley Boys' High School.pdf
Appendix A.49_Bracken Street.pdf
Appendix A.50_Palinurus Road 1.pdf
Appendix A.51_Palinurus Road 2.pdf
Appendix A.52_Nursery Road.pdf
Appendix A.53_Gainsborough Reserve.pdf
Appendix A.54_455 Papanui Road.pdf
Appendix A.55_Keers Road.pdf
Appendix A.56_200 Cashmere Road.pdf
Appendix A.57_Armagh Street.pdf
Appendix A.58_Lakewood Drive.pdf
Appendix A.59_Kensington Avenue.pdf
Appendix A.60_Tonks Street.pdf
Appendix A.61_Marblewood Reserve.pdf


Mijic, Z., Bray, J. D., Van Ballegooy, S. (2022). Liquefaction Ejecta Case Histories for 2010-11 Canterbury Earthquakes, Vol. 6, Issue 3, p.73-93. doi: 10.4417/IJGCH-06-03-04

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