The Multi-Purpose Bottom Plug for the Galataport Project

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The paper describes an innovative geotechnical engineering solution that was provided by TREVI for the renovation project at Galataport in Istanbul, Turkey. Among other interesting geotechnical works included in the project, this paper also presents the design considerations and construction of the multi-purpose bottom plug (MPBP). This original geotechnical engineering solution was employed for a three-basement excavation in Karaköy and consists of a combination of seepage control, ground improvement, and load bearing elements, which were executed with double-fluid jet grouting, pseudo-elliptical jet grouting, and permanent micropiles, respectively. The paper describes each step of the design, execution, and the preliminary and final testing phases. Moreover, it highlights the importance of employing cutting-edge technologies used in deep foundation geo-construction and state-of-the-art electronic control devices, along with expertise, to obtain the desired results for this high-profile project.


Ground improvement, Elliptical Jet Grouting, Bottom Plug, Liquefaction, Seepage Control, Micropiles


Miranda, S. (2021). The Multi-Purpose Bottom Plug for the Galataport Project, Vol. 6, Issue 1, p.1-36. doi: 10.4417/IJGCH-06-01-01


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