Unique Journal Characteristics


The Case Histories Journal has a number of features that make it unique:

  • The journal is published under the Auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
  • A truly Open Access Journal: We believe that high quality resources and professional papers are necessary to improve geoengineering practice globally. Therefore, we are committed to unrestricted access to the papers and the data published in the journal at no cost to the reader or the author. Our open access policy ensures maximum exposure to the published papers.
  • Figures published in the journal are multi-colored and of large size (as necessary). This is particularly important for publications on case histories, as typically photos are not well reproduced in black and white or in small size and important details are lost.
  • Papers are published individually as soon as they are accepted following language editing and formatting. Thus, time from submission to publication is minimized. The review process however, mimics that of the most prestigious journals in our field to ensure the quality of the publication.
  • An international group of some of distinguished members of our Profession has served in the Editorial Board of the journal to ensure the quality of the journal and its international character.
  • Data presented in the papers are provided in accompanying excel spreadsheets. That way, a database of geotechnical information is compiled.
  • All case histories are positioned, and can be found on a map allowing identification of papers based on location.
  • Additional unlimited web space can be provided on accepted papers/topics to supplement information presented on the paper as well as photos. Links between the paper and the web space can be established and are guaranteed to remain active. The space is provided at no cost to the author.
  • All papers are directly searchable by search engines, making them more accessible to internet users.