ISSMGE International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories

The International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories is an official journal of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, the premier scientific organization for geotechnical engineering worldwide. The Case Histories Journal covers the broad area of practice in geotechnical engineering (soils and rocks), including geotechnical earthquake engineering, environmental geotechnics and engineering geology, and energy geo-construction.

The Case Histories Journal is a peer-review journal on the geotechnical engineering practice with a focus on careful documentation of case histories with and emphasis on observations and data collected during and after project construction. Papers are reviewed by a distinguished international Editorial Board and a selected number of reviewers. All paper published in the journal are accompanied by electronic data for better documentation of each case history.

Latest Published Case History Papers

A High Rock Cut Stabilization in Muscat City, Oman

Tahir M. Hayat, Tariq J. Bhatti, Robert Goldsmith



rock slope shear strength parameters Barton Bandis model limit equilibrium analysis Shear Strength Reduction (SSR)


A large road box cut was constructed in hilly terrain of Muscat city, Oman, in an area underlain by the geologically complex Sahtan and Mahil formations comprising of limestone, dolomite, sandstone and siltstone with interbedded soft calcareous mudstone. The rockmass contains a large number of smal...
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Geotechnical Damage Caused by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, Japan

Takashi Kiyota, Takaaki Ikeda, Kazuo Konagai, Masataka Shiga



2016 Kumamoto earthquake damage survey liquefaction, embankment landslide volcanic soil


On the 16th of April 2016, the Kumamoto earthquake (Mw 7.0) hit the Central Kyushu Region, Japan, following a Mw 6.2 shock on the 14th of April. The earthquake sequences caused severe damage in Kumamoto Prefecture. This paper presents quick reconnaissance results focusing on geotechnical damage fea...
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Remediation of The Pissouri Landslide in Cyprus

Athanasios Platis, Konstantina Malliou, Dimitrios Platis



Landslide remediation hydrogeologic regime Nicosia formation weathered marl


During the winter of 2001-2002, a landslide of 80.000 m3 was activated and moved downslope at the Northeast outskirts of the Pissouri village in Cyprus (Limassol prefecture), displacing a section of a country road that was crossing the upper part of the sliding mass and destroying three newly built...
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A Large Scale Landslide in a Coal Mine in Marly Formations: Evaluation, Analysis and Rehabilitation

George Prountzopoulos, Petros Fortsakis, Vassilis Marinos, Paul Marinos



Landslide marl progressive failure coal mine rehabilitation


This paper describes a large scale landslide in a coal mine in Servia area in Kozani, Greece, which occurred in February 2011. The landslide, of ~250m width and ~350m length, took place in marly lacustrine sediments. The main factors for the manifestation of the landslide were a temporary interrupt...
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